Captain Perevozchikov with Captain Clausen


Captain Victor Mishenev


Captain Dimitry Polyakov


The Masters

Not all masters of the last 80 years are still known:

            1921 - 1936     Captain Peters

            1936 - 1937     Captain Lehmberg

            1937 - 1945     Captain Clausen

            1946 - 1954     different Navy-captains

            1954 - 1966     Captain Mitrofanov

            1966 - 1968     Captain Miturich

            1968 - 1975     Captain Mitrofanov

            1975 - 1981     Captain Roev

            1981 - 1984     Captain Perevozchikov

            1984 - 1986    different captains of fishing fleet

            1986 - 1993    Captain Perevozchikov

            1993 - 1997    Captain Perevozchikov, Captain Mishenev

            1997 - heute   Captain Mishenev, Captain Polyakov

            2007 - heute   Captain Mishenev, Captain Rodionov

Captain Aleksej Perevozchikov

Aleksej Perevozchikov was born in 1949. He studied at the Higher Engeneering Marine College in Kaliningrad, where he finished in  1972. After that time he belonged to the Baltic Division of Training Ships. In 1980 he took over KRUZENSHTERN as youngest captain ever.

1981 he became captain of SEDOV and stayed there till 1997. Alexej Perevochikov is married and has two children.

Captain Victor Mishenev

Victor Mishenev was born in 1948. He graduated at the Marine College in Leningrad. In his first years he was employed on an ice-breaker. 1974 he started as 4th officer on SEDOV. Then he visited the Higher Engeneering Marine College in Leningrad, where he graduated in 1993.

Between 1993 and 1997 he switched the position as captain of SEDOV with Alexej Perevozchikov. Victor Mishenev is married and has two children. His son also works on SEDOV.

Captain Dimitry Polyakov

Dimitry Polyakov was born in 1962. He was student at the Murmansk Marine-college and graduated also in Murmansk. Between 1985 and 1990 he was officer in the Murmansk fishing-fleet, before he changed in 1991 as navigator on SEDOV. In 2000 he became captain and switches this job with Victor Mishenev.

Dimitry Polyakov is married and has two children.