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Professor A.M. Ershov

Rector MSTU



The Owner 

Murmansk is situated in the North of the Kola Peninsula and has around 500 000 inhabitants. Its port is important because it remains ice-free even in the coldest winters when temperatures can drop down to –50 °C.  

Founded in 1950, the Technical University’s campus lies in the heart of the city. At that time, the university was housed in one building and had 50 students and 4 lecturers.  

Today, the university boasts a student population of 4,000 and 400 lecturers. Eight faculties offer courses together with several courses leading to a Bachelor of Sciences (BSC) or Master of Sciences (MSc). 

The university has two “daughter” schools, the Murmansk Polytechnic Lyceum and the Economic College. Many of these school’s graduates go on to the university, and some of the university’s lecturers teach courses at the schools.  

The university has several simulators for practical seamanship training, for instance a navigation simulator and an engine room with fully functional ship’s diesels and generators.  

Rector of MSTU is Alexander Michailovich Ershov, .