Hall - Bar



As only Tall Ship in the world SEDOV offers a hall that covers the complete hull width.

As cinema- or concert-hall with rows, as a place for a seated diner or as dancing-floor - the facility is variable.

The hall offers in addition a stage and 220 v AC/DC.

Rigth beside the hall you find a foyer with toilets, the ship's museum and the captain's bar.

Hall and bar can be rented for events together or separately.



The hall offers many possibilities:

With rows like in a cinema up to 140 people find place; for a seated diner you can invite 120 people (and have in addition a dance floor of 3 x 5 m); for a standing reception it offers place for 200 guests.



The bar, also the representation room of the captain, offers seats for 35 - 40 persons in comfortable couches and chairs and at the desk. For receptions with up to 70 guests it is an ideal place.